Welcome to the Vatican

The assiduously researched story begins at the Conclave to elect a new Pope. The election of dark-horse candidate Cardinal Daniele Tondi sets the plot in motion, and as the story unfolds, the reader travels the globe with the new Pope Daniele in his quest to solve an age-old, clandestine mystery.

Will the answers he finds truly cause him to call for an end to the Catholic Church?


Midwestern polyglot born between two world wars. Catholic Priest in Italy. Policymaker for the United States Federal Government. In his nearly 100 years of life, Arthur Leen has experienced more than most of us could imagine. With Daniele: The Last Pope, he’s given the reader a close up portrait of a fascinating world, painted with the unique insight of his keen observation.

Rich in shimmering detail, Daniele: The Last Pope is an enthralling epic from the mind of writer Arthur Leen.

In the tradition of Dan Brown, Daniele: The Last Pope’s author Arthur Leen delves deep into sacrosanct traditions and secrets to reveal a world few of us have ever glimpsed. This book is the culmination of decades of Leen’s study and work – first as a young priest in Post-War Italy, then later as a policymaker for the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States Federal Government. His fluency in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, German, French, and Italian enabled Leen to synthesize astonishing volumes of multilingual historical sources to bring readers this suspenseful thriller.

Daniele: The Last Pope
is available electronically as well as in hardback and paperback!

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